Bene , angeraut, **made in Italy**, Knit Fabric, Plain, beige

001313 Plain, mustard yellow

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001183 Plain, grey immediately
001263 Plain, mint green immediately
001313 Plain, mustard yellow immediately
001259 Plain, blue grey immediately
001339 Plain, burgundy immediately
001597 Plain, dark blue immediately
001790 Plain, anthracite grey immediately
001112 Plain, light yellow immediately
001260 Plain, pastel mint... immediately
001421 Plain, light apricot immediately
001635 Plain, coral immediately
001640 Plain, lavender immediately
001712 Plain, terracotta immediately
001765 Plain, khaki immediately
000299 Plain, black immediately
Article details
Item Number 080320-001313
Weight ca. 170 g/m²
Width 150 cm
Material 70% Baumwolle 19% Polyacryl 4% Elasthan 3% Viskose 2% Polyester 2% Polyamid
Care Instructions
Available immediately
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