Leonie *beschichtet* *bügeln linke Warenseite*, Coated Cotton

006749 Geometric Lines, teal

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006749 Geometric Lines, teal immediately
008299 Geometric Pattern,... immediately
008749 Geometric Pattern, teal immediately
013183 Patterned Diamonds,... immediately
013714 Patterned Diamonds,... immediately
160261 Owls, mint green immediately
180313 Leaves, mustard yellow immediately
180597 Leaves, dark blue immediately
180841 Leaves, turquoise immediately
370266 Graphic Pattern,... immediately
371262 Hexagone, mint green immediately
371264 Hexagons, emerald immediately
378183 Stripesquares, grey immediately
378764 Stripesquares, olive... immediately
379937 Leaves, bordeaux immediately
696183 Ellipses, grey immediately
696313 Ellipses, mustard... immediately
696637 Ellipses, red immediately
698299 Patterned, black immediately
698637 Patterned, red immediately
698841 Patterned, turquoise immediately
Article details
Item Number 080724-006749
Weight ca. 150 g/m²
Width 135 cm
Material 100% Cotton
Care Instructions
EAN 4066042042244
Available immediately
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