Bastian 3 mm, Craft Felt

001338 Melange, burgundy

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001338 Melange, burgundy immediately
000010 Plain, off white immediately
000172 Plain, beige immediately
000179 uni, dunkelbraun immediately
000180 Plain, light grey immediately
000182 Plain, grey immediately
000183 Plain, grey immediately
000254 Plain, royal blue immediately
000299 Plain, black immediately
000312 Plain, yellow immediately
000339 Plain, burgundy immediately
000365 Plain, grass green immediately
000564 Plain, dark green immediately
000597 Plain, dark blue immediately
000601 Plain, kiwi green immediately
000638 Plain, red immediately
000644 Plain, purple immediately
000842 Plain, turquoise immediately
000934 Plain, bright pink Coming soon
000937 Plain, bordeaux immediately
001176 Melange, tan immediately
001181 Melange, silver grey immediately
001182 Melange, grey immediately
001285 Melange, dark grey immediately
001597 Melange, dark blue immediately
001790 Melange, anthracite... immediately
Article details
Item Number 080297-001338
Weight ca. 650 g/m²
Width 100 cm
Material 100% Polyester
Care Instructions
Available immediately
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