Veronika FS21, Cotton Jersey

600603 Triangles, light green

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600603 Triangles, light green immediately
100252 Flowers, light blue immediately
100312 Flowers, yellow immediately
100421 Flowers, apricot immediately
100603 Flowers, light green immediately
100635 Flowers, coral immediately
200252 Blossoms, light blue immediately
200312 Blossoms, yellow immediately
200421 Blossoms, apricot immediately
200603 Blossoms, light green immediately
200635 Blossoms, coral immediately
300252 Lines, light blue immediately
300312 Lines, yellow immediately
300421 Lines, apricot immediately
300603 Lines, light green immediately
300635 Lines, coral immediately
400252 Checks, light blue immediately
400312 Checks, yellow immediately
400421 Checks, apricot immediately
400603 Checks, light green immediately
500252 Crosses, light blue immediately
500312 Crosses, yellow immediately
500421 Crosses, apricot immediately
500603 Crosses, light green immediately
500635 Crosses, coral immediately
600252 Triangles, light blue immediately
600312 Triangles, yellow immediately
600421 Triangles, apricot immediately
600635 Triangles, coral immediately
Article details
Item Number 081234-600603
Weight ca. 220 g/m²
Width 160 cm
Material 94% Cotton 6% Spandex
Care Instructions
Certification STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Available immediately
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